Rainbow 6 Siege!

One of the MOST popular games we've had requested to be ran in a tournament setting has been Rainbow 6 Siege and boy, what a headache it has been trying to figure out the best way to run this thing. Do we spend THOUSANDS of hours or monies getting all the operators unlocked? What systems do we do that for? There were so many things we didn't know the answer to.. BUT after lots of discussion with different people, many of them RB6S players, they all would end up suggesting the same thing. If people are that serious about the game, they own it and they own the operators they want to play. So that brings us to this tournament. We have center accounts available BUT they may only have certain operators unlocked and they surely do not have ALL of them available. People are able to log into their own accounts and play what they want to play in a 5v5 setting. We're excited to finally bring this tournament to life and are looking forward to the turn out! Good luck and sign up today @ link

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