Let's try some Fortnite

Ever since we opened The Vault Gaming Center, we have had none stop questions about when our next FORTNITE tournament would be. Well, between this game and all the other games we have here, we've been trying our best to figure out a tournament schedule for things and here we are, testing how well a weekly Fortnite tournament would do.

So every friday night, we're going to have a weekly that people can sign up for. The first week will be singles, the next will be duos and then it will be squads. Depending on the response from people, we'll keep just one or just rotate through those. There is a catch.. Right now we only have 16 spots available and that means that if you wanna play, you NEED to sign up TODAY! Unless you're reading this some other time.. then the tournament is over and aliens have invaded earth.. Other than that, it's PC only but you can use a controller of your choice to play with..

Sign up today!

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