Fortnite Tournament

***We have LIMITED spots available! 25 spots for Friday, 25 spots for Saturday and 24 spots for Sunday.***

Fortnite tournament happening this weekend and you have a chance to compete against other people across the US for some serious prize money!

1st place solo walks away with $1000, 2nd place solo $500. 1st place duo gets $1000.

This is ranking across all these other centers, not within just ours.

It is only available to people 16+ in age and it's PC only. You can use controllers on the PCs but we will not be doing cross platform. You must have your own EPIC account for this event.

Thursday is an optional warm-up day that is from 6pm - 10pm, $15 for 4 hour access.

Friday starts solo matches from 6pm - 10pm and the buy in for that day is $25.

Saturday continues solo matches from 4pm - 8pm and the buy in for that day is $25.

Sunday is when duo's will happen and that's from 2pm - 6pm and the price is $25 per ticket, per person.

These are rules made by the hosting company and here is the link. Please read up and get familiar with them.

Ticket sales are available now! You must come in, purchase the tickets and set up an account before the day of.

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